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Founder and Franchisor Of OvenGleamers
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Graham Rogers - My Story
Our Purpose: To be the Nations Favourite AGA and Big Cooker Cleaning Company

Ex RAF : Where It All started

Hi, I'm Graham Rogers, the founder and owner of OvenGleamers®. 

I started my business, after being made redundant from the Royal Air Force in 1996. At first the company was an IT consultancy business, but in 2002 there was a recession in the IT world.

I just couldn't get any work at all. I got into the mindset that I was unemployable in regular permanent work. I felt I was 'On The Scrap Heap At 42 years old!'. I just couldn't find anything to do. 

I started looking at business opportunities, and in particular franchises. I looked at fast food businesses but was put off by the amount of investment required. 

 In the end I bought a cleaning agency franchise. 

I learnt about how to run a successful business and with the help of the franchisor built it fast.

The business was okay but really it wasn't the ideal business for me.  

The day to day issues of cleaners being unreliable was difficult for me deal with. Letting Down Clients DIDN'T Make Me Happy!

People kept asking me about oven cleaning and in 2004 I started thinking about the possibilities of starting an oven / AGA cooker cleaning company. 

I'd be the grafter and I thought if I did the work I could make sure that things would be reliable and efficient.

It was a conversation that I had one day that made up my mind. The engineer who was servicing my AGA cooker told me about the fifteen vans his company had and how they were servicing 5 AGA cookers a day each. 

 "Wow" I thought. "There's a market out there for cleaning cookers!"...

One Man In One Van to Local Empire

I started with just me in one van. Shortly afterwards I met my wife Catherine. Catherine was in the Royal Air Force at the time.

Catherine was flying as a Navigator. She had extra time on her hands. Her plane wasn't flying much as it was winding down before being replaced.

Catherine started helping me in the business taking calls when I was out cleaning.

 Even though Catherine's plane didn't take off the business did: growing to five vans in three years. Our business developed with our friendly family values. 

The Google Advantage

I struggled at first with marketing. I put out leaflets but got little response. 

I wasn't getting any calls at all. Then I discovered Google Internet Advertising. It was really new in 2004 and no one was doing it. Immediately our business took off.

Over the years I have become a Google Adwords Expert and it has grown, and still grows the OvenGleamers network.

Helping Others To Lift Off

I write a blog regularly and then started helping other people to start and grow their oven cleaning businesses, helping them by training them. 

I helped people all over the world from Colorado in the USA to Pretoria in South Africa. Then in 2010 we had our first franchisee start in Bracknell Berkshire. He became our pilot franchisee.

BFA Membership

Our pilot franchisee did everything we told him he had to do. His business grew fast, and soon he had a full diary and was booked 4 weeks in advance.  

Using his performance figures and accounts we applied and were accepted for British Franchise Association membership in 2012. 

This meant our business model was checked out. The pilot franchisee was looked at: his accounts were checked to see if he had a viable business. 

Our business plans, our training, our marketing and our franchise agreement all were up to the required standard to comply with BFA membership.

Join Us As The Future Is Gleaming.

Our aim is to become the nations favourite, friendly Big oven and AGA cleaning company. 

We're at the first stage of our journey but as we continue to grow, we'll be there very soon. So join us.
Do you want to run a business which is a proven premium local service provider in your area?

If so, you need to get my book (and our information pack) to find out more. 

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